Therapy (Psychotherapy)

  • Sometimes therapy is a place to start when  you don’t know what is wrong or how to relieve yourself of the emotional pain.  Therapy is called for when you are struggling with your own sense of well being or with trying to improve relationships in your life.  Being in therapy is a way to relieve yourself of the emotional suffering that these conditions cause within. I will spend time listening to the problem and hearing what you want and don’t want for yourself, and assisting you in resolving the emotional conflicts that reside within.
Both psychotherapy and life coaching can be used to bring individuals, couples, families and even businesses from just existing to realizing  potential.

Therapy is about listening to you.

Coming to therapy is different than being in a life coaching relationship.  Therapy is a great deal about listening.  Sometimes we need someone to talk to.  Someone to hear our story and why it makes us feel the way it does.  When we feel heard we are able to connect to the fact that the feelings we are having are real and ok to have.

Providing authentic & genuine respect.

Having a therapist is like having a confidant.  Someone we can go to unload our deepest thoughts and feelings on, someone who is there to listen and provide authentic and genuine respect for what you are going through and how you are choosing to handle it.  If you are not pleased with how you handle what is coming up in your life, then working with a therapist can help you build an alternative plan for responding.

Helping you see change as a possibility.

It makes me happy to see my clients come in with challenges (some that seem insurmountable) and over time gain the strength to meet these challenges and begin to look toward a brighter future. Whether it is in relationship to others that is the struggle or your relationship with yourself (e.g. depression or anxiety) these are things that you would bring to your therapist and work toward alleviating.

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David Vendig, LMFT

Los Angeles Psycotherapist