Happiness is not elusive. It is attainable for all of us. It can be learned. The benefits of intentionally (or not) of striving to be happy are well documented. A lot has been written about happiness and it’s effects on our lives. Martin Seligman asserts that happiness is not just external, momentary pleasures.[2] Flow (engagement) and general life satisfaction are parts of happiness too, for example. pleasure, joy, exhilaration, bliss, contentedness, delight,enjoyment, satisfaction.

The dictionary define happiness, bliss, contentment, felicity as to imply an active or passive state of pleasure or pleasurable satisfaction. Happiness  results from the possession or attainmentof what one considers good: the happiness of visiting one’s family.Bliss  is unalloyed happiness or supreme delight: the bliss of perfectcompanionship. Contentment  is a peaceful kind of happiness inwhich one rests without desires, even though every wish may nothave been gratified: contentment in one’s surroundings. Felicity is a formal word for happiness of an especially fortunate or intensekind: to wish a young couple felicity in life. It is difficult to put in a blog all that is said about happiness, but one of the best sites I have stumbled upon is all that is written on psychology today.

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What do I do?

I am a licensed marriage and family therapist who has added life coaching as a discipline to my practice. I can work with clients in either discipline, but would work with one or the other and not in both.  This is so that I adhere to the laws and ethics of my profession.  As a therapist I might work with you on the emotional struggles that limit your fully living a satisfied life.  As a life coach I would be interested in specific goals or outcomes that you wish for yourself.  In both I am interested in where you are finding yourself today, be it wanting to launch into something new or stuck in something old.  I am there to listen and assist you in getting things going in the direction you visualize.  What does it mean to visualize?  It means to envision yourself at the place in your life after you have taken specific actions steps.  As a life coach, my role is to help you design those action steps so that they are doable, measurable and meet the desired outcome.  We work together in this process and continue measuring, doing, and adjusting the path so that you get to that next level.   As a therapist I would be interested in the ways in which you are already showing resourcefulness and strength in your life and ways in which we could capitalize on them.