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David Vendig Therapist Los Angeles

After 16 years as a successful business person, and 14 years as a husband and a father, I got divorced. It was confusing and devastating; I often thought I wouldn’t make it through. I couldn’t focus on my business and I was full of regret and overwhelmed with questions. In retrospect it was a call to action; my life needed to change and it was going to, with or without my cooperation. I began devouring relationship and self-help books—most of them geared toward women, by the way. A survival guide for men going through divorce coming soon—and slowly started to transform my life. In there somewhere I decided to go back to school and become a therapist. I am now passionate about sharing the personal lessons I have learned, and my training as a professional listener and guide, with others. I have made all of the mistakes one can make in a relationship and I have grown from them. I have survived divorce: the remorse and the confusion, and I know how to facilitate the change necessary to thrive in relationship.

I am a licensed marriage and family therapist (license number MFC51583).  I graduated from Phillips Graduate Institute with a Masters Degree in Psychology (MA). I have worked with men and women, couples and families.  I have seen where old thoughts, feelings and behaviors have impeded their ability to find the satisfaction that they are looking for. Be it in a relationship, struggling to find love, or processing a divorce, the issues behind finding happiness are sometimes the same.  I believe that we are all capable of making the changes necessary to be happy and have love in our lives. Everyone is searching for satisfaction. I can help.

My practice is centered around clients who hope there is more to life than they are reaping. I work with them to find a set of solutions that help bring them closer to what they want.  If you are stuck, this might be your call to action. In fact, I believe that being stuck and your frustration are the impetus to create a life that you love.

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David Vendig, LMFT

Los Angeles Psychotherapist