5 Tips for Mindfulness

Mindful living is a happy way to live.  By practicing Mindfulness, you are able to savor the taste of your food, the laughs of your loved ones, and the peace of staying in the moment.  Here are 5 easy tips for you to live a Mindful life full of happiness, joy, & appreciation.

1.       Breath.  Take long breaths in, and long breaths out.  Listen to the sound of your breaths; focus on each and every breath. The present moment makes you feel whole and calm.  You begin to be grateful for the moment in time and the more you practice; the easier it gets to stay aware.

2.       Listen to your body. Wiggle your toes, feel them on the ground, plant your feet steadily on the floor, and pay attention to what you body is trying to tell you.  Stay silent and communicate with all the particles in your body by listening quietly.  Maybe your body is saying, let’s take a rest, or maybe we should go for a fun.  Sometimes, by listening to what your physical body needs, you can gain more energy to get other things done in your life.

3.       Say yes to uni-tasking.  Do one thing at a time.  See how the quality of your actions drastically improves by just focusing on each task at one time.  It’s a beautiful feeling to complete an action fully to the best of your abilities.  The best part is that people around you will notice your new-found talents of finishing projects with amazing quality and it’s all thanks to your uni-tasking focus.

4.       Allow yourself to day dream.  Sit there on your bed, couch, or chair, and allow yourself to enjoy the temperature of the room, the texture of your seat, your clothing, and the sound of your breathing.  Next thing you know, you’ll be daydreaming and wandering in your mind.  It’s a sweet feeling to experience, and somehow it ends up cheering your up and noticeably lightening your mood.

5.       Know how to meditate.  Meditating doesn’t mean chanting and asking and talking to yourself with your eyes closed.  It means that you stay calm, listen to your breath, close your eyes, and listen.  The best thing is to let your mind go blank and see what kind of wisdom comes to you.  You’ll see, it’s a powerful feeling once you get the hang of it.

Remember, Mindfulness helps you refocus and appreciate the moment, but it’s important not to want immediate results, the more your practice, the more Mindfulness will work for you.  Please post comments below and let others know how mindfulness has worked for you.

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