When I listen as therapist or coach, I am listening not only to the words that you are saying, but to the tone, the body language, the style, the emotion, and to what is not being said.  I am then able to reflect back to you not only what I hear you say, but my impression of what you are saying. Often when our own words are reflected back to us with the observation of an objective listener, we get the sense of being heard and movement (e.g. in the form of awareness) happens. When we are heard and then asked about our experience, asked about our perspective, asked about possible solutions, we find that we have opened ourselves up to a different space. This new space is the space where solutions can be created. As a therapist and coach I believe that those solutions reside within you. This is why it is important to listen to what you are saying carefully and ask questions that stimulate thought.[Book Now Button]

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