What would my goal be?

This is the question I’m going to be asking when you come in to see me. If you don’t know, the answer to this question is what we will work on first. Do you find yourself in a place where you want more? Is there something you desire for yourself or envision attaining (and this is not necessarily a material thing)? When we are not at peace, it is said that there is something we desire or there is something we fear losing. A goal might be to keep your job or to get into a relationship or to repair a relationship or to get a promotion, etc. Why do we need to have a goal? Because it is how we get the road map in place. It is how we measure our success. If our goal is to be less angry with others, then we’ll want to know how angry you are now and what it would look like (the goal) when you are less angry. When we do the work of anger management for instance we will begin to measure our success as compared to this goal. What happens if you don’t know what you want? Well then we begin work on looking for the answer to that question. Same would apply to possibly having multiple goals in mind. We want to be as specific as we can and find a way to make our success measurable. You’ll find the road easier and more exciting once this is in place.  [Book Now Button]

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