How Do I Begin?

It is often hard to discern when we are in need of help, but if you are at that point, just being aware is the first step.  The next question you might ask yourself is: “can I use some help with this?”.  If you answer “yes” to that question then you are at a fork in the road.  Who should you call?  Well sometimes a friend will do, but if you are thinking that you need a professional, then who should it be?  The professional you seek should be right up the alley of the outcome you desire.  For instance if you are looking to change your career then a career counselor or coach could be the choice.  This might seem obvious.  But if the question of where you are going has multiple answers or the question itself is much murkier, then you might need a generalist.  A life coach (that’s me).  Making the call is the first step.  You might want to see first if you are comfortable with the person on the other end of the line.  Then you might want to set up a meeting to see if what you want and what your professional (a coach) has to give are in alignment.  If you have made it this far then ask that you and the coach set some intermediate goals for yourself and the action steps that go along with it.  See if you have a working relationship that brings you real results (e.g. better relationships, promotion, etc.).  You might be able to get to that sought after place without the steep learning curve, and wouldn’t that be nice![Book Now Button]

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