Why Inspirational Quotes?

They sometimes might sound trite and overly simplistic, but I believe that when we read a quote – just a sentence or two – that we are reminded of our own purpose and intention in life.  It is easy to say something like: “Life is either a daring adventure or it is nothing”(Helen Keller) and even easier to read it and let it pass right by us.  But what does it mean to read something like this and reflect on it’s relevance to our own purpose and intention in our life?  It is a reminder that others have felt the way we do and have had the courage to move forward…despite.  It can be a reminder to us that we need to slow down and sink back into ourselves.  This instead of getting caught up in the speed with which others and other things pull us.  So when we read a well written quote by someone we respect and it hits a note within us, slows us down, reorients us, and reinvigorates us to keep moving, it has done it’s job.

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