Why therapy?

Therapy is a good place to start if you feel the pangs of emotional pain.  It is often good to have someone you trust be there to hear what the pain is all about. The relationship you have with your therapist is important in this process.  You want someone who genuinely accepts you for who you are.  When your therapist hears your story you want that trust and acceptance because the last place you want to feel judgement is in session with your therapist.  Being able to unload and begin to find different ways to understand what is going on in your life is a major piece of therapy.  It might be that you believe you should be happy with your life or relationships, but are not.  This is where a therapist can help.  A therapist can help you gain insight into why you view things the way you do and help move along the path of shifting that view.  For instance you might feel little self worth.  You might spend some time with your therapist trying to dissect where that belief comes from and whether it is still applicable to believe this today.  This is a simplified view of why therapy might fit into your life.

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