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Life Coaching & Career Coaching

  • As a separate discipline, life coaching would begin work on what you do want (goals or outcomes you desire). Coaching is a collaborative relationship between you and I.  We work together to find solutions that help bring you closer to the vision you have of yourself.  Coaching is taking yourself from the place where you are stuck and
    creating specific action steps that you can take to bring you toward the future that you visualize for yourself.
Both psychotherapy and life coaching can be used to bring individuals, couples, families and even businesses from just existing to realizing  potential.

Passion for Life Coaching

I am passionate about life coaching because it is an activity that produces actions which produce results in people. The idea that people come into life coaching with desires and goals is something that I like.  What most people don’t know is that these goals are attainable, and you just need guidance and support to reach your goals. I get to work with my clients by designing the action steps that produce outcomes.  It makes me happy when I see clients change after beginning this process with me.

Focusing on the Future

The other reason life coaching is so fun or why I am so passionate about it is that it focuses on the future.  Sometimes when we let ourselves tell stories that were generated in the past, these stories about ourselves can be limiting as to what we are able to achieve in the future.  By focusing on the future and what you do want, you have a chance to change those stories from limitations to actual possibilities for you.

Seeing Change

Life coaching can also be a way to keep people on track. In a life coach you have someone you have made a commitment to and are holding yourself accountable to for the action steps that you are about to take. We get to work together to create these commitments and we get to work together to see that you meet commitments thereby achieving your goals.  Seeing positive change in my clients is my reward as your life coach.

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Career Coaching

Career Coaching is the process of brainstorming & creating action steps to help you move forward toward your career goals. You might have amazing career dreams and need someone to help you fine tune the plan and coach you along the way.  This is done collaboratively. We work together to find the best ideas and design a plan that suits your vision for yourself. This is an exciting process for any career driven personality especially entrepreneurs.  Sometimes you need a person to bounce ideas around with and someone to help you organize your priorities and goals.

A place of happiness, enjoyment, & success

The goal of Career Coaching is to get you from a place of being stuck to a place of flow, moving forward toward your career goals. A place of happiness, enjoyment, & success. As a licensed professional, I have both your happiness and career goals in mind when Career Coaching.  After all, what is the point of reaching your goals if you can’t enjoy them? My job is to remind you to each success point that you reach in your life so that you don’t wake up one day thinking, “I should have enjoyed life more.”  I want you to wake up thinking “My life is awesome and I’m so thankful for all my success and happiness.”

Achieve your true vision

I have helped individuals work through the process of understanding what they want from their career and creating a vision for themselves. Working with me can lead you to create a specific action plan to achieve your true vision. Take the first step to improving your career & life, give me a call (323) 744-0751 and schedule your first appointment.

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David Vendig, LMFT

Los Angeles Therapist & Life Coach