In the business of therapy or life coaching one of the most powerful ways to enact change is through questioning.  I think it is a fallacy that the therapist or coach has all the answers or can be the expert in your life. The process of questioning is the way in which the ideas that come from within you are brought forth. The belief is that the solutions to your own problems come from what you already possess in the way of inner strengths and resourcefulness. From this place the deepest change can be brought about – deeper than if someone had told you what to do. This is why questions, deftly posed, can stimulate the awareness that you might already be doing something that can help propel you to the next level. This is a brief discussion of questions, if you want to know more about how they might work in your life, call me. [Book Now Button]


When I listen as therapist or coach, I am listening not only to the words that you are saying, but to the tone, the body language, the style, the emotion, and to what is not being said.  I am then able to reflect back to you not only what I hear you say, but my impression of what you are saying. Often when our own words are reflected back to us with the observation of an objective listener, we get the sense of being heard and movement (e.g. in the form of awareness) happens. When we are heard and then asked about our experience, asked about our perspective, asked about possible solutions, we find that we have opened ourselves up to a different space. This new space is the space where solutions can be created. As a therapist and coach I believe that those solutions reside within you. This is why it is important to listen to what you are saying carefully and ask questions that stimulate thought.[Book Now Button]

What would my goal be?

This is the question I’m going to be asking when you come in to see me. If you don’t know, the answer to this question is what we will work on first. Do you find yourself in a place where you want more? Is there something you desire for yourself or envision attaining (and this is not necessarily a material thing)? When we are not at peace, it is said that there is something we desire or there is something we fear losing. [Read more…]

How Do I Begin?

It is often hard to discern when we are in need of help, but if you are at that point, just being aware is the first step.  The next question you might ask yourself is: “can I use some help with this?”.  If you answer “yes” to that question then you are at a fork in the road.  Who should you call?  Well sometimes a friend will do, but if you are thinking that you need a professional, then who should it be?  The professional you seek should be right up the alley of the outcome you desire. [Read more…]

Why Inspirational Quotes?

They sometimes might sound trite and overly simplistic, but I believe that when we read a quote – just a sentence or two – that we are reminded of our own purpose and intention in life.  It is easy to say something like: “Life is either a daring adventure or it is nothing”(Helen Keller) [Read more…]

Why therapy?

Therapy is a good place to start if you feel the pangs of emotional pain.  It is often good to have someone you trust be there to hear what the pain is all about. The relationship you have with your therapist is important in this process.  You want someone who genuinely accepts you for who you are.  When your therapist hears your story you want that trust and acceptance [Read more…]

Why life coaching?

As a therapist, I get to meet people who are finding themselves not happy with how their life is going in one way or another.  I chose to add life coaching as a skill or tool that I can bring to my clients.  Let me offer you the definition of life coaching as put [Read more…]

What do I do?

I am a licensed marriage and family therapist who has added life coaching as a discipline to my practice. I can work with clients in either discipline, but would work with one or the other and not in both.  This is so that I adhere to the laws and ethics of my profession.  As a therapist I might work with you on the emotional struggles that limit your fully living a satisfied life.  As a life coach I would be interested in specific goals or outcomes that you wish for yourself.  In both I am interested in where you are finding yourself today, be it wanting to launch into something new or stuck in something old.  I am there to listen and assist you in getting things going in the direction you visualize.  What does it mean to visualize?  It means to envision yourself at the place in your life after you have taken specific actions steps.  As a life coach, my role is to help you design those action steps so that they are doable, measurable and meet the desired outcome.  We work together in this process and continue measuring, doing, and adjusting the path so that you get to that next level.   As a therapist I would be interested in the ways in which you are already showing resourcefulness and strength in your life and ways in which we could capitalize on them.